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We’ll get you one step closer to dominating your vertical through research-based marketing strategies, made to bring the most bang for the buck.

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Feel OKI

FeelOki is a brand of functional beverages located in San Diego, CA. To help them drive new purchasing users to their online shop, we’ve re-platformed their website and launched an all-encompassing organic growth campaign.

Mt Lassen

Mt. Lassen is a California-based Rainbow Trout & Steelhead farm which supplies restaurants from San Diego and Los Angeles to Silicon Valley, The Bay, Sacramento and the Central Valley with premium fish. We’ve created their online branding and developed the new website.

Acuva Tech

Acuva Tech is a manufacturer of UV-LED water filters, based in Palo Alto, California. To help them drive user engagement and online sales, we’ve re-branded their online shop and developed a new eCommerce solution. In addition we’ve launched a multi-channel growth marketing strategy.

Health Logic Interactive

Health Logic Interactive is a publicly traded company developing a proprietary lab-on-chip platform. To help them attract investor interest we’ve designed and developed two websites — one for HLI, the other for their subsidiary.


ARISE is our method that can help you take control of your digital marketing efforts. It stands for Audit, Research, Inception, Setup, and Execution. Each of these steps is crucial to the success of any digital marketing campaign, and by following them carefully, you can ensure that your marketing efforts are as effective as possible.

What We Do

If you are looking for support with your Digital communication, Aspekt is ready to help. We have the experience and insights to devise and implement a strategy that will spread your message effectively through digital. 

Online, today, is mission critical when it comes to doing business. We can identify opportunities for strengthening your online presence through an analysis and an improvement of your user experience. Aspect can also gather trust signals from credible online publications and develop plans to build it further.

82% of global internet traffic is video, and short form product videos should be a go-to for your company. Latest research shows that almost 50% of business leaders admit they are not using video to its full potential and more than 40% of them claim it’s because of the lack of in-house skill. Aspekt can help you create video shortform content that is aligned with your strategy and effective tool. 

In a fast moving world it is essential to keep track of the changes and adjust your go to market strategy. Aspekt can help you stay on the top of the trends, monitor competitor activity, and prepare the most effective approach to grow in an ever changing world. You can receive comprehensive reports from Aspekt to gain insights and full transparency of your digital marketing efforts and results. If you already collaborate with an agency, we take pride in effective collaboration with other marketing third parties, because our own success revolves around partnerships.

Resourcing gap in digital is one of the key challanges reported by companies. First, it is increasingly difficult to fill your digital roles with talent. Second, the new hires are often not as effective. After a comprehensive audit of hundreds of clients, we identified that more than 70% of ad spend was suboptimal due to poor digital marketing position fulfillment. We help with resourcing not only clients, but major agencies around the world. And if you’re more comfortable keeping your digital marketing positions in-house, we’ll help train your employees.

Around 80% of all purchases start with a search engine. We will help you create a long-term digital organic growth plan, so you’re at the top when the customers and potential clients need you the most. 

If you’re patient enough, we can build you a completely passive user acquisition channel while meeting customers half-way and creating a strong user base through our content, technical and search engine optimization expertise for a unified digital strategy and tangible results.

Maximize the impact of your digital advertising budget by putting it where it matters the most. Our team members have millions of dollars of ad spend under their belt and decades of experience. 

It is not just about writing and designing ads or meeting the required spend, it is about getting you leads and sales and helping you get there with every step of the way. Aspekt will provide insights, suggestions, and ongoing improvements to help make your budget truly count.

We help you leverage the full power of analytics and unique insights to reach higher goals. 

Aspekt starts with research and works diligently to set up the best user tracking for your business. Going beyond just cataloging user behavior, we go deep with various forms of analytics, and use a tool to improve your business performance. 

Find out where your users are coming from, how they interact with your content and properties and find ways to improve as well as actionable advice on how to do it exactly.

Affiliate and influencer marketing are increasingly an effective channel for companies to reach their audience. We are here to help you facilitate these channels and make them work for you.

Don’t worry about picking the right platforms or choosing the right person for your audience. Our experience and expertise will help you to pick and create the right partnerships for you.

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We help B2B and B2C companies grow their pipeline, brand awareness, and customer base through research-based organic & paid marketing strategies.

Our passion is unlocking opportunities for your business and we specialize in creating and implementing long-term growth strategies.

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